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30 Sept

2022-23 Unserved/Underserved Victim Advocacy and Outreach (UV) Program RFP

  Grant Amount: $1 – $196,906


The purpose of the UV Program is to increase access to culturally appropriate victim services for unserved/underserved victims/survivors of crime.



Many victims/survivors of crime in California do not receive services and support that meet their physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial needs after victimization. Meeting their needs is far more difficult when their access to services is complicated by factors such as race, ethnicity, geographic isolation, language barriers, cultural intolerance, disability, lack of knowledge of the criminal justice system and their rights, and/or lack of appropriate social support.

There is no single way to meet the needs of all unserved/underserved populations because of the uniqueness of each group. However, programs can improve their response to these victims/survivors by looking carefully at specific populations and asking for feedback.

The purpose of the Program is to increase access to culturally appropriate victim services for unserved/underserved victims/survivors of crime. This can be accomplished by enhancing existing programs to commit staff time to specifically address the needs of the identified unserved/underserved victim/survivor population, hiring staff that reflect the identified population, training all staff on the cultural norms of the population, and increasing outreach efforts.

Unserved/underserved populations can be any victim/survivor population that disproportionately accesses victim services in your service area. Subrecipients must focus on only one specific unserved/underserved victim population. Subrecipients may choose to focus on one victim/survivor population from the following list or identify an additional unserved/underserved victim/survivor


Business Nonprofit Public Agency Tribal Government
For a proposal to be eligible to compete for funding (i.e., read and rated) all the following conditions must be met:

• Applicants must be a governmental or non-governmental organization that provides direct services to victims/survivors of crime.

• The Unserved/Underserved Population Certification Form (Attachment A) must be completed and included in the proposal.

• The proposal must be submitted per the instructions in Part I, Subpart C.


  • Criminal Justice Prevention and Victim Services
  • Other / Miscellaneous