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31 Jan

2022 Urban Community Drought Relief Program

  Grant Amount: Not Specified



The Urban Community Drought Relief Program offers financial assistance to address drought impacts through implementation of projects with multiple benefits. For communities, including Tribes, facing the loss or contamination of their water supplies due to the drought; to address immediate drought impacts on human health and safety; and to protect fish and wildlife resources plus other public benefits, such as ecosystem improvements.


Under the Budget Act of 2021, financial assistance will be provided by DWR to deliver grants for interim and immediate drought relief to urban communities. This Grant Solicitation makes approximately $285 million in drought relief funding available. A set-aside of at least $85 million will be made to support Underrepresented Communities and Native American Tribes (Tribes). Eligible applicants are public agencies and utilities, colleges and universities, mutual water companies, 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, regional water management groups as defined in Section 10539 of the Water Code, federally recognized California Native American Tribes, and non-federally recognized Native American Tribes on the contact list maintained by the California Native American Heritage Commission.

For the purposes of this Grant Solicitation, “project” means all planning, design, engineering, acquisition of real property interests, construction and related activities undertaken to implement a discrete action to be funded. Eligible project types include hauled water, installation of temporary community water tanks, bottled water, water vending machines, emergency water interties, new wells or rehabilitation of existing wells, construction or installation of permanent connection to adjacent water systems, recycled water projects that support immediate relief to potable water supplies, fish and wildlife rescue, protection, and relocation, and drought resiliency planning. Costs incurred after July 1, 2022 are eligible for reimbursement.

Eligible costs include technical assistance, site acquisitions, and costs directly related to the provision of each project. Ineligible costs not reimbursable by this Grant Solicitation are listed in the Guidelines and Proposal Solicitation Package (GL/PSP) and include, but are not limited to, meals not directly related to travel, payment of stipends, purchase of equipment or water supplies that are not an integral part of the project, establishment of a reserve fund, replacement of existing funding sources for ongoing programs, operation and maintenance costs, expenses incurred in preparation of the application for this solicitation or an application for another program, and any indirect costs.Proposed applications will be reviewed for eligibility, in accordance with the GL/PSP.

Criteria and metrics defined in GL/PSP will be used to evaluate and recommend projects eligible for funding to DWR Director or designee. Awards will be posted on DWR’s website and may be announced to the public through e-mail listserv or other means. Following approval by the Director or designee, the selected grant recipient will receive an award letter officially notifying them of their selection, the grant amount, and associated conditions and requirements.


Nonprofit Public Agency Tribal Government

Matching Funding Requirement:

Applicants are required to have 25% non-state funding match; however, Underrepresented and Tribal applicants are exempt from this requirement

More Information

For more information, visit: https://water.ca.gov/