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03 Nov

2024 Boating Access Grant Program

  Grant Amount: Dependent



CDFW’s Boating Access Grant Program provides funding for projects that increase access to recreational boating opportunities across California’s waterways. The Boating Access program provides funding for a broad range of access facilities and associated amenities that benefit recreational boaters.


Project activities eligible for Boating Access grant funds include:

  • Planning, permitting, and design for Boating Access Facilities.
  • Construction of Boating Access Facilities
  • Administration and Coordination of boating access programs (personnel, travel, training, planning, etc.)
  • Amenities for Boaters, including compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) at Boating Access Facilities:
    • This may include restrooms, wash-down stations, fish cleaning stations for boaters, ramps, courtesy or loading docks, maneuvering areas, parking areas, walkways, beaching areas for boats, picnic tables, garbage facilities for boaters, shade structures, lighting, signage, etc.
    • Launching and landing facilities for paddle craft and non-motorized boats.
    • Outreach to boaters about available boating access and amenities.
    • Aquatic Invasive Species Information and Education – including inspection (not enforcement) AS LONG AS THE PURPOSE IS TO KEEP BOATERS BOATING.
    • Vegetation management – If it’s all about keeping boaters accessing the water.
    • Pump out facilities for vessels that have on-board sanitary holding tanks.
    • Fueling docks for boaters.
    • Potable water supplies for boaters.
    • Dinghy docks.
    • Operation and Maintenance of boating access facilities.


Nonprofit Public Agency Tribal Government

Matching Funding Requirement:
Grantees may be reimbursed up to 75 percent of project costs through the grant program. At least 25 percent of the project costs must come from a non-Federal source, which can include revenue from license fees.

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