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31 Dec

BHHS Legacy Foundation

  Grant Amount: $100,000


The BHHS Legacy Foundation provides support to nonprofit organizations and government agencies in the following geographic areas:
  • Greater Phoenix, AZ, area, with an emphasis on central and western Phoenix
  • The greater Tri-State region in western Mohave County, which includes Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, and Topock, AZ
  • Laughlin, NV
  • Needles, CA
Grants are made in the following focus areas:
Increasing Access to Healthcare
Grant proposals should support one or more of the following goals:
  • Promote children’s health through access to services, screening, and treatment
  • Expand health insurance eligibility for uninsured and underinsured populations
  • Support school-based clinics and community-based health and dental clinic growth and development
  • Improve access and increase the percentage of immunizations for children
  • Facilitate the collaboration necessary to improve health services for children, families, and seniors
Improving Community Health
Grant proposals should support one or more of the following goals:
  • Increase health promotion, awareness, and prevention of public health concerns
  • Address and reduce community and public health disparities
  • Promote systematic improvement in the delivery of quality health services and health promotion activities
  • Collect critical health data for advocacy, project/program development, and implementation
Expanding Arizona’s Healthcare Workforce Development
Grant proposals should support one or more of the following goals:
  • Guide and recruit students to healthcare careers, particularly in areas with shortages
  • Support scholarships and mentoring
  • Facilitate the development of health career faculty positions
  • Reduce career barriers within healthcare systems
  • Grow and develop healthcare and dental education institutions and services
Strengthening the Community
Grant proposals should support one or more of the following goals:
  • Support community collaborations that focus on children, family, and senior services
  • Increase the organizational capacity of healthcare-oriented nonprofits
  • Provide long-term solutions that address the fundamental needs for food, clothing, safety, housing, and health
  • Create community efforts that reduce family violence, abuse, and neglect of children and seniors


Before submitting a request for funding, discuss your proposal with a Foundation vice president. As the Foundation doesn’t have application deadlines, the vice presidents of program development will provide guidance and feedback regarding the appropriateness of your request, whether a grant is likely for your cause, and at what stage of your project, program, or organization funding might occur.

For programs serving the Phoenix region, contact Mary Thomson (mthomson@bhhslegacy.org). For programs serving the Tri-State region, which includes Greater Bullhead City, AZ; Laughlin, NV; and Needles, CA, contact Nancy Mongeau (nmongeau@bhhslegacy.org).

If your program meets with approval, you will be emailed a link to the Letter of Inquiry application process.

More Information

For more information, visit: https://bhhslegacy.org/how-to-apply/


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