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09 Dec

California Department of Veterans Affairs – Veterans Support to Self-Reliance

  Grant Amount: $4,500,000


The California Department of Veterans Affairs is accepting applications to the Veterans Support to Self-Reliance Pilot Grant Program.

Grants will provide a higher level of on-site supportive services for veterans aged 55+ with high-acuity and over who reside in permanent supportive housing (PSH) projects throughout California.  Expanded on-site supportive services may include, but are not limited to skilled nursing care, medication management, peer specialists, and geriatric social workers. This goal of this program is to demonstrate that with these enhanced supportive services, and within the construct of Housing First and evidence-based practices, that aging veterans experiencing Chronic Homelessness will be able to age in place and enjoy the stable and thriving quality of life that they deserve.

Pilot Grants are intended to support Pilot Grantees throughout a three-year observational and reporting period.

The Pilot Grants will allow for flexibility regarding the exact number and descriptions of staff assigned to the Pilot program. Staffing should be based on delivery of on-site services proposed in the Pilot and hiring decisions and distribution of duties may be tailored to fit within the overall organizational structure of the Pilot site. This will ensure flexibility in program design to fit the specific needs of each grantee. The Pilot Grantee staff and leadership duties include significant engagement with CalVet and Consultants technical assistance, reporting, and evaluation procedures. Applicants are encouraged to design their Pilot to allow for reasonable staff: resident ratios, time for data collection and reporting, time spent in VSSR meetings and trainings, and appropriate equipment, supplies, overhead, and office needs.

Pilot sites may not have sufficient ongoing need, licensure, or supervisory capacity to support employees to deliver some services such as nursing and occupational therapy. In this case, overall budget proposals may include a services budget line item to be used to contract for or pay for periodic services. Services budgets may also be used for therapeutic activities not provided in-house such as equine therapy, yoga, or other integrative activities


Nonprofit organizations. In addition, each of the minimum qualifications below must be met by the Applicant:

a. Must be a Certified California Veteran Service Provider as defined in Military and Veterans Code § 881(a).

b. No less than six (6) cumulative years of experience providing or administering Supportive Services in PSH for aging veterans, veterans with high acuity, and veterans experiencing acute or Chronic Homelessness.

c. Commitment to Housing First practices.


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