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14 Dec

California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development – Cannabis Equity

  Grant Amount: Not Specified


The California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development is accepting applications to the Cannabis Equity Grants Program for Local Jurisdictions.

The purpose of this program is to advance economic justice for populations and communities impacted by cannabis prohibition and the War on Drugs by providing support to local jurisdictions as they promote equity in California and eliminate barriers to enter the newly regulated cannabis industry for equity program applicants and licensees.

Offering technical support, regulatory compliance assistance, and assistance with securing the capital necessary to begin a business will further the stated intent of the AUMA by reducing barriers to licensure and employment in the regulated industry. Offering these types of support will also aid the state in its goal of eliminating or reducing the illicit cannabis market by bringing more people into the legal marketplace.


Public Agency

A local jurisdiction (a city, county, or city and county) that demonstrates an intent to develop a cannabis equity program or that has adopted or operates a cannabis equity program.

Eligible Geographies:

Must be a California city, county or city and county.


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