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19 Dec

California State Water Resources Control Board

  Grant Amount: $800,000


The California State Water Resources Control Board is accepting applications to the Nonpoint Source (NPS) Grant Program.

The program aims to reduce and mitigate the effects of nonpoint source pollutants in waters of the state.

Nonpoint source pollutants include sediment, pesticides, nutrients, and other pollutants from diffuse, nonpoint sources. The funds in the NPS Grant Program are reserved for implementation projects, or projects that install treatments or management practices to reduce the physical load of nonpoint source pollutants to, or concentration of nonpoint source pollutants in waters of the state; projects may incorporate outreach and education, project-level planning and design, and water quality monitoring, but may not consist entirely of outreach and education, project design, or water quality monitoring.


An applicant must be a public agency, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Federally Recognized Tribe**, state agency, public college, or a federal agency. ** Federally Recognized Tribes must waive sovereign immunity in order to be eligible to receive funding.

The funding match is calculated based on total eligible project cost, or the requested grant amount plus match. All projects require a minimum match of 25% (except eligible septic system upgrades or conversions which require a minimum match of 75%) of the total project cost.

Please review the full guidelines thoroughly as they are very detailed.


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