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31 Dec

Cost Share for Federal Funding Opportunities Industrial Decarbonization and Improvement of Grid Operations (INDIGO) Program and Food Production Investment Program (FPIP)

  Grant Amount: $500,000 - $5,000,000


Industrial Decarbonization and Improvements to Grid Operations Program (INDIGO)

This program was created under Assembly Bill (AB) 209 (The Energy and Climate Change budget bill, Chapter 251, Section 12, Chapter 7.6, Article 2, enacted in September 2022).[1] The purpose is to implement projects at industrial facilities that can provide significant benefits to the electrical grid, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, achieve the state’s clean energy goals, and exceed compliance requirements. Eligible industrial facilities include, but are not limited to, a facility involved with manufacturing, production, and processing of materials and related support facilities. For the purposes of this solicitation, food and beverage production and processing facilities are excluded.


Public Agency Tribal Government

Eligible Geographies:

The California Energy Commission is committed to ensuring all Californians have an opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs and services. While it is not required to complete the project within a disadvantaged community, demonstration projects located and benefiting disadvantaged and/or low-income communities and/or Tribe(s) will be eligible for preference points under the scoring criteria for this GFO.


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