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29 Dec

County Drought Resilience Planning Assistance Program

  Grant Amount: $10,000 - $125,000



The purpose of the County Drought Resilience Planning Grant Program intends to help the counties to establish standing drought task forces or to develop the county drought resilience plans, per Senate Bill 552.


The DWR County Drought Resilience Planning Grant Program is offered as a sub-program of the Small Community Drought Relief (SCDR) Program, per the allocation of the Budget Act of 2021, Section 2, Item 3860-101-0001(a). Per Senate Bill (SB) 552 of 2021, counties are required to establish a drought and water shortage task force and develop a drought and water shortage emergency response and long-term mitigation plan for domestic wells and state small water systems (serving 4-14 connections) (CWC Section 10609.70).


Public Agency
California’s 58 Counties are eligible to submit applications.


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