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30 Jun

Encampment Resolution Funding Program, Round 2, Second Disbursement

  Grant Amount: Not Specified


The Encampment Resolution Funding Program funds, person-centered proposals that resolve unsheltered homelessness in encampments. Proposals will address safety and wellness in encampments, resolve critical encampment concerns, and transition people into interim shelter or permanent housing.Proposals may bolster existing, successful models and/or support new approaches that provide safe, stable, and permanent housing for people in encampments.


Eligible Applicants

Local Jurisdiction – means a city, including a charter city, a county, including a charter county, or a city and county, including a charter city and county.• Continuum of Care (CoC) – as defined in Section 578.3 of Title 24 of the Code of Federal Regulations.o Local Jurisdictions have priority to apply for ERF programs on state right-of-ways, over CoC applicants, until a date specified by Cal ICH. If a CoC applies for an ERF proposal located on a state right-of-way before May 1, 2023, the CoC must provide a Letter of Local Acknowledgment from each overlapping Local Jurisdiction that identifies the prioritized encampment and confirms that the CoC has communicated with each Local Jurisdiction and that no Local Jurisdiction intends to apply for ERF-2-R funds for the prioritized encampment.

Eligible Population to Serve

ERF-2-R funds may only be used for proposals that connect people experiencing homelessness in encampments to interim shelter with clear pathways to permanent housing or place people directly into permanent housing.


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