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22 Sept

FY 2022-23 Statewide Planning and Capacity Building Project Administrator

  Grant Amount: $5,000,000



The Statewide Planning and Capacity Building Project Administrator will focus on increasing transportation equity in disadvantaged and low-income communities by strengthening local coordination, leadership, knowledge, and skills through tailored community-led project implementation support. The PCB Administrator will administer Planning and Capacity Building projects and support implementation of CMIS and STEP projects for FY 2022-23.


The Statewide Planning and Capacity Building Project Administrator (PCB Administrator) will collaborate with CARB-selected Planning and Capacity Building (Planning), Clean Mobility in Schools (CMIS), and Sustainable Transportation Equity Project (STEP) awardees and provide capacity building, administrative, and implementation support as awardees implement sustainable and multi-benefit clean transportation efforts. The PCB Administrator will directly administer, execute agreements with, and oversee the $3 million in funds allocated to Planning awardees. While CARB will directly oversee and manage grant agreements with CMIS and STEP awardees, the PCB Administrator, in coordination with CARB, will provide CMIS and STEP awardees with administrative support, such as disbursement request development, and other activities identified in the Solicitation.

Applicants are encouraged to develop an approach to implementation that facilitates a regional approach to build capacity for awardees implementing their projects to better enable partnership development and support peer learning.

Applications must include strategic and manageable partnership structures with multiple organizations serving as Sub-applicants to develop this regional approach to capacity building, administration, and implementation support and ensure all the necessary skillsets, expertise, and diverse perspectives needed to provide local, context-specific support and guidance to, and ensure representation of, disadvantaged and low-income communities. As a capacity building project, guidance to and representation of tribal and rural communities as well as communities of color is essential.

The projects the PCB Administrator will support are being selected through the Planning, CMIS, and STEP Request for Applications (RFA). Through this RFA, CARB will select and award $29.65 million to fund between 2 and 4 CMIS and STEP projects and will use $3 million (of the $5 million allocated for this Solicitation) to fund up to 15 Planning projects in disadvantaged and low-income communities across the state.


Business Nonprofit Public Agency Tribal Government
Eligible Lead Applicants include local governments, public institutions of higher education, tribal governments, and nonprofit organizations. Eligible Sub-applicants include public, private, or nonprofit organizations. Lead Applicants must have the capacity to serve as a statewide administrator, experience in equitable transportation planning, and the skillset to support organizational and community capacity building.

Eligible Geographies:
Applicants must be based in California.


  • Community Development
  • Education / Job Training
  • Environment
  • Other / Miscellaneous