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30 Jun

Gateway for Cancer Research Decentralized Grant Program

  Grant Amount: $200,000 to $800,000


Successful proposals will:

  • Advance a treatment-based clinical trial in oncology
  • Emphasize the delivery of the investigational treatment in a decentralized setting, ideally home-based
  • Define compelling primary and secondary endpoints
  • Creatively leverage one or more innovative technologies (telemedicine, wearables, remote monitoring, medical record review, e-consent, etc.)
  • Have been reviewed with your CTO Administrative Director for regulatory, data management, and safety considerations related to implementation
  • Integrate mobile clinician management as needed
  • Incorporate rigorous and methodical collection, management, and analysis of trial-related data
  • Utilize clinical resources in proximity and convenient to patients for any trial-related procedures that cannot practicably be carried out in a decentralized setting (e.g. imaging, interventional radiology, complex infusion, etc.)
  • Leverage strategic inter- and/or intra-institutional collaboration, including commercial (e.g. biopharmaceutical, CRO, home health companies, etc.)


Gateway's approval process is comprised of five steps:

As part of a Letter of Intent, researchers answer basic questions about fit with Gateway’s funding criteria, provide contact information, and provide concise summaries of the research proposal, including objectives, methodology, and budget.

Letters of Intent are assigned to 1-3 members of Gateway’s Board of Scientific Counselors for review.

Each Letter of Intent is independently evaluated by the peer reviewers. The applicants who demonstrate that their project is in line with Gateway’s mission and are approved by the peer reviewers are invited to submit a full grant application.

Once the full grant application is submitted to Gateway, each application is reviewed by the full Board of Scientific Counselors at a convened meeting and given a score to indicate funding priority, and the most promising grants are presented to the Board of Directors.

Gateway’s Board of Directors reviews the promising grants and determines approval of final grant awards. Subsequently, applicants receive funding, begin their research, and file appropriate progress reports throughout the life of the grant.


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