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29 Dec

Small Community Drought Relief Program

  Grant Amount: $190,000,000


The Small Community Drought Relief Program (Program) was authorized by the Legislature pursuant to the Budget Act of 2021 (Stats. 2021, ch. 240, § 80) and its Trailer Bill, (Wat. Code, § 13198 et seq.). The Trailer Bill authorized specified state agencies, defined as implementing agencies, subject to an appropriation for these purposes, to make grants and direct expenditures for interim or immediate relief in response to conditions arising from a drought scenario to address immediate impacts on human health and safety and on fish and wildlife resources and to provide water to persons or communities that lose or are threatened with the loss or contamination of water supplies.

The small communities are those that are not supplied by an urban water suppliers as defined in California Water Code (Sec 10617). Urban water suppliers are those that provide drinking water with more than 3,000 connections or more than 3,000 acre-feet per year.


Eligible Applicants:
Nonprofit Public Agency Tribal Government
Public agencies (e.g., Counties, cities), Public utilities, Special districts (e.g., school districts, community service districts, irrigation districts, flood control districts, reclamation districts), Colleges and universities, Mutual water companies, Nonprofit organizations1, Federally recognized Indian tribes, State Indian tribes listed on the Native American Heritage Commission's California Tribal Consultation List

Eligible Geographies:
Eligible projects shall be in counties included in Governor Newsom’s state of emergency proclamations for 2021. Any county or jurisdiction included in a future drought proclamation by the Governor or for circumstances for which the SWRCB determines that drought conditions necessitate urgent and immediate action to ensure availability of safe drinking water, to protect public health and safety, will also qualify for funding.


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