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15 Jul

The Alliance for California Traditional Arts Accepting Applications for the Living Cultures Grants Program for Small Budget Organizations.

  Grant Amount: Grants of up to $5,000 are available.


The Alliance for California Traditional Arts, via the Living Cultures Grants Program, seeks to sustain and strengthen the folk and traditional arts in the state of California. This program funds pathways to nurture, sustain, and engage participation in traditional arts, including the following:

  •  Workshops and gatherings (for example, events that bring together artists, cultural specialists or community leaders to share skills & information, or to engage in discussion and problemsolving)
  •  Conservation, creation, or acquisition of important traditional art items
  •  Intergenerational classes or other educational programs within a community (after school youth programs, dance ensemble classes or practices, summer programs, etc.) Other kinds of mentorships with culture bearers, honoraria, travel costs within CA, etc. (intensive one-on-one artistic mentorships should apply to the Apprenticeship Program rather than the Living Cultures Grants Program)
  •  Endangered language conservation and revitalization projects when carried out within the context of traditional art forms
  •  Other types of activities and projects that lead to cultural continuity of traditional art practices
  •  Sustaining future traditional art practices with needed purchases, services, or acquiring new skills
  •  Equipment and materials purchases (instruments, media equipment, costumes or regalia, etc.)
  •  Documentation of traditional arts, skills, ceremonies, beliefs, or performances • An investment to result in future revenues (fee for services for marketing consultation, website development, financial planning )
  •  Learning new skills by supporting mentorships with advisors or cultural specialists
  •  Public presentations, such as community-based concerts, festivals, and exhibitions that foster active participation
  •  Other types of activities and projects that lead to active participation in traditional art practices within and between cultural communities

The program will not fund:

  •  General operating support
  •  Projects whose main purpose is fundraising
  •  Projects limited to a historical emphasis, including events presenting the re-creation of past lifestyles
  •  Projects based on the interpretation of a cultural tradition, instead of the actual tradition or cultural art form itself
  •  Projects based in educational institutions (K-12, private schools and universities), such as folk arts-in-education projects, university seminars, and programs, or curriculum development
  •  Out-of-state travel
  •  More than one proposal per organization (except for fiscal sponsors applying on behalf of more than one organization)
  •  Proposals for multiple components of the same festival, event, or project


Only California-based 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations are eligible. Communities who do not have this status may work through a California-based non-profit fiscal sponsor. Applicants must have an organizational budget under $250,000 per year. Additionally, current grantees of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation are not eligible and current grantees of the Creative Work Fund may not receive an ACTA Living Cultures Grant for the same project.

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