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01 Oct

The Pilcrow Foundation Supports the Acquisition of Children’s Books in Rural Public Libraries.

  Grant Amount: The Pilcrow Foundation, a national non-profit public charity, provides a 2-to-1 match to rural public libraries that receive a grant through its Children’s Book Project and contribute $200-$400 through a local sponsors for the purchase of up to $1,200 worth (at retail value) of new, quality, hardcover children’s books


The Pilcrow* Foundation was founded in 2013 to continue the work of The Libri Foundation. Our mission is to provide new, quality, hardcover children’s books to rural public libraries across the United States.

We recognize the importance of public libraries in rural communities. Libraries are often the center of the community, where people come together to learn and share ideas. Providing quality children’s books to rural public libraries ensures an opportunity for active engagement within the community and lifelong learning.

We know that reading to and with children every day and providing them with frequent opportunities to read on their own are important activities for literacy development. Literacy is the greatest gift we can give to our children; the public library is where we can start.

The Pilcrow Foundation supports rural public library communities through our Children’s Book Project. We ask librarians, in partnership with the Friends of the Library or other local sponsors, to raise one third of the funds used to purchase the new books to build community investment in children’s literacy and the library’s future. The new books provided through the Children’s Book Project become part of the library’s permanent children’s book collection, thus ensuring children’s access to quality books for years to come. We also support libraries that have been impacted by a natural disaster. Our non-matching Disaster Relief Grants help librarians rebuild their children’s book collection. During our 2022 grant cycles we will be funding our new Oregon Book Project. This grant-supported program provides additional books to rural public libraries in Oregon that receive a Children’s Book Project Grant.

Books can change the life of a child. Be a part of that change and give a child a library book today.


Libraries qualify for the Children’s Book Project grant on an individual basis. To qualify for the grant, libraries must be located in a rural area within the 50 United States, have a limited operating budget, have an active children’s department, and raise $200-$400 through a local sponsor. Libraries with total operating budgets of less than $50,000 will receive funding priority; however, town libraries with total operating budgets over $150,000 may also apply for grants. Be sure to provide accurate information about the library’s operating budget on the Children’s Book Project grant application. Failure to accurately describe the library’s operating budget may disqualify your application.

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