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10 Feb

Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program Cycle 6 2023

  Grant Amount: Not Specified


The TIRCP was created to fund transformative capital improvements that modernize California’s intercity rail, bus (including feeder buses to intercity rail services, as well as vanpool and micro transit services that are eligible to report as public transit to the Federal Transit Administration), ferry, and rail transit systems (collectively referred to as transit services or systems inclusive of all aforementioned modes unless otherwise specified) to achieve all of the following policy objectives, as codified in Section 75220(a) of the PRC:

(1) Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases

(2) Expand and improve transit service to increase ridership

(3) Integrate the rail service of the state’s various rail operations, including integration with the high‐speed rail system

(4) Improve transit safety


Public Agency
Public agencies with operating or planning responsibility for existing or planned regularly scheduled intercity or commuter passenger rail service (and associated feeder bus service to intercity rail services), urban rail transit service, bus or ferry transit service (including commuter bus, vanpool, and micro transit services). Private companies may partner with eligible applicants.

Refer to Guidelines and Call for Projects for more information.

Eligible Geographies:
State of California where projects may occur on state or federal lands. Geographic equity is considered within each cycle of funding, as well as with consideration given to the degree to which the geography in question has been underrepresented in past cycles.

Matching Funding Requirement:
While there is no minimum match requirement for TIRCP, funding leverage is desirable and will be considered in the evaluation of expected project benefits. In particular, emphasis will be placed on projects that leverage:

• Funding from other GGRF programs

• Funding from SB1 programs

• Funding from other federal, state, local, regional, or private sources


  • Community Development
  • Other / Miscellaneous