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30 Nov

Vulcan Materials Company Foundation

  Grant Amount: Not Specified


The Vulcan Materials Company Foundation supports organizations in the area of company operations, with a focus on three priority areas:

  • Working with schools;
  • Supporting environmental stewardship; and
  • Encouraging employee involvement.

Special consideration will be given to proposals that integrate two or more of these areas.

Elementary/Secondary Education

The Foundation will consider proposals that provide public education programs and projects that enhance the quality of learning for all students. The Foundation works to support efforts to improve educational systems and individual schools in Vulcan’s communities by partnering with public schools located in its operating areas. Vulcan has adopted 276 schools in its communities through support from the Foundation. It is Vulcan’s goal to increase the number of its school partnerships every year.

The Foundation is also interested in efforts to encourage young people to develop an interest in math, science and business. The Foundation, therefore, gives consideration to proposals designed to help maintain students’ curiosity and excitement about the world of math and science and to explore the world of industry and business. The Foundation is particularly interested in helping young people and their teachers understand the relevance of math and science to society, and supports efforts to link these subjects to their application in the workplace. The Foundation also will consider programs designed to educate our students about the vital role of business and industry in society.

Although all worthwhile proposals for elementary and secondary education projects are considered on an individual basis, the Foundation generally does not fund projects involving private schools.

Higher Education

Higher education will play an increasingly critical role in helping the economy effectively compete in the global market. The Foundation recognizes the invaluable contributions made by institutions of higher learning in educating the nation’s future workforce.

The Foundation will consider proposals from those institutions located in states where the Company has facilities, particularly proposals that focus on science and engineering or improving public education. Although proposals for capital improvements will be considered, the Foundation prefers to fund projects that directly affect the outcome of the educational process, such as scholarships and science and technology programs.

Environmental Stewardship
The Foundation supports the philosophy that economic development and environmental stewardship have common goals. Responsible economic growth provides the resources necessary to be a good steward of the environment, while this stewardship helps to sustain growth.

There are important links between industry, the environment and technological innovation. A society that is better informed about environmental issues will be able to participate more effectively in public policy debates. Grantmaking will focus on organizations and programs that seek to develop an understanding of the connection between environmental stewardship and sustainable development.

The Foundation will consider supporting those environmental organizations that adhere to fact-based, balanced environmental principles.

Through partnerships with organizations such as the Wildlife Habitat Council, of which Vulcan was a founding member, Vulcan seeks to promote environmental stewardship in the communities where our employees live and work. Vulcan employees actively participate in improving their communities by establishing and maintaining certified wildlife habitats on Vulcan property.


Employee Involvement

High priority will be given by the Foundation to proposals from those organizations in which company employees are actively involved, especially in the focus areas of education and environmental stewardship.

Interested applicants should submit a letter setting forth the following:

An overall description of the organization for which funds are being sought; A detailed description of how the requested funds will be used; Timelines for the funding and implementation of the project; and, How success will be measured for the proposed project, including a description of how the organization audits its performance.

Any recipient who is granted a multi-year commitment or a one-time gift of $5,000 or more will be expected to
provide periodic reports in writing to the Foundation concerning the progress and the success of the project.

Include with the letter the following:
IRS Determination Letter verifying 501(c)(3) status; Current year’s budget; Latest financial statements; and, List of directors and executive staff.

The Foundation’s fiscal year is December 1 through November 30. Requests are considered throughout the year.

Application Instructions
For submissions in the Birmingham, Alabama area, forward the letter with attachments to Carol Maxwell, Secretary/Treasurer, Vulcan Materials Company Foundation, P. O. Box 385014, Birmingham, Alabama, 35238-5014.

Requests from organizations located outside Birmingham, Alabama should be mailed to the appropriate regional Charitable Contributions Officer for consideration. Please contact giving@vmcmail.com for regional contact information.


  • Education / Job Training