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31 Dec

Wilburforce Foundation

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Wilburforce Foundation helps conserve important lands, waters and wildlife in Western North America by supporting organizations and leaders advancing strategic solutions. Funding is focused in specific geographic areas.
The Foundation makes investments that contribute to the following types of outcomes:
  • Increasing the amount of protected critical wildlife habitat.
  • Assuring the quality and extent of key connective lands between core habitat areas.
  • Lessening immediate threats to critical wildlife habitat.
  • Improving management programs that preserve the ecological integrity of existing or proposed protected areas.
  • Increasing knowledge of wildlife populations and/or improving management plans that ensure the viability of focal species in a region.
  • Building the capacity of foundaiton grantees that are working to protect the priority areas.



Applicant organizations should be classified as 501(c)(3) by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service or 149(1)(f) by the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency. Wilburforce Foundation will consider funding a limited number of grants for organizations that do not have these legal designations. If you are seeking a grant but do not have public charity status, please raise this early in discussions with a Program Officer.

Applicants who are interested in submitting a grant proposal must contact the appropriate staff member prior to developing a proposal. Please do not submit a full proposal without first contacting a Program Officer. Exact deadlines are not published because they are dependent on the applicant's conversation with the Program Officer.

More Information

For more information, visit: https://wilburforce.org/grants/


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